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communication training

If you’re serious about growing your business you need to have dynamic communication across your entire team.

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is poor communication slowing your growth?

dynamic communication

Interactive, results focused training.

Our interactive, results focused training will provide your team with the insights and tools to immediately have dynamic communication. You and your team will explore the benefits of applying a behavioral communication model, and dive deep into your own behavioral designs. As a group you’ll learn to:

  • communicate effectively with team members
  • resolve conflict more quickly
  •  makes important decisions faster

ongoing development

We don’t stop after the training, nor should you.

We know the real change happens after the training. We also know you’ll only retain about half of the learning and application from the workshop. That’s why we make sure your new skills will be reinforced over time by offering several ongoing solutions such as weekly email tips, 24/7 virtual training and follow up webinars and trainings.

What does a communication training look like?

Prior to the training each team member will complete a personalized communication assessment that will be used throughout the training. We tailor our workshop to the needs of your team by starting with communication fundamentals then diving into the unique behavioral design of your team. We keep the training fun and interactive but still manage to get a lot of knowledge transferred to your team.  

time commitment

4-8 hours depending on your desired outcomes of the training.

ideal group size

5-100 people. We’re able to facilitate in small intimate settings or large groups.

what do you learn

To communicate effectively with everybody – results are endless.

the investment

It varies by the size of your group. Email us to receive an estimate.

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