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We strive to maximize the potential of your current leaders and let their inner Rockstar come to life.

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maximize your leaders

Are your leaders prepared for what lies ahead?

Are your leaders equipped with the leadership traits and skills to navigate the challenges of growing your company? Are you worried your business will outgrow your people? Want to get get ahead of the problem and prepare your leaders for what lies ahead?

How we can help

Leadership Programs Built Exactly To Your Needs

We create tailored development programs that build a solid leadership foundation for your entire team. At the same time, we reveal and analyze developmental areas for each individual and work with them one-on-one to maximize their leadership potential and to unleash their inner Rockstar. Some common outcomes of our development programs include:

  • Deeper understanding of personal strengths and blind spots
  • How to lead and develop high performing teams
  • How to be a dynamic communicator and problem solver

What does a leadership program look like?

We tailor our program to the needs of your leadership team. We begin with leadership fundamentals in order to create a solid foundation for everybody, then we incorporate personal assessments and 360 feedback surveys to pinpoint the specific development needs of each leader. Each group session targets the biggest needs of the group, then we work individually with each person on their specific areas of need.  

time commitment

Programs typically last 9-18 months depending on the needs of your team.

ideal group size

We work with teams as small as three and as large as sixteen.

what do you learn

The curriculum is tailored to the specific needs of your leadership team.

the investment

The investment varies by the needs of your team. Let’s chat to discuss more.

public group programs

Not ready for your entire leadership team to go through a program?

Maybe you have one or two team members that you’re ready to grow and develop. We offer programs  that include leaders from different companies and together, make up what we call our cohort leadership development programs. This unique group approach tends to enhance the overall experience for participants, and fosters an environment to learn, not only from our team, but also from each other.

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