Develop real-world leadership skills that have real impact on your business, career and life.

Leadership MechanicsTM
Prioritize Action Over Inspiration.

Businesses recognize the positive impacts that aligned, effective leadership can have on their organization. Yet, many organizations struggle to translate motivational guest speakers and  insightful keynotes into developed leadership skills that help propel their businesses forward. 

At Rockstar Workforce, we view leadership as a misapplied science because it is often used in the context of inspiration instead of action. That observation led our team of talent management strategists to develop our unique Leadership Mechanics™ curriculum. Grounded in behavioral science data applied successfully with businesses around the globe, we offer a series of programs that teach professionals at all levels how to lead through their behaviors and interactions with others.

Individual Development That Helps Align
Your Entire Team

Leadership Mechanics™ start from a personal frame of reference to identify each participant’s unique leadership characteristics. After establishing benchmarks through behavioral assessments, our curriculum then focuses on evolving individual tendencies by enhancing strengths and overcoming gaps. With a common set of skills that are consistently exhibited across team members, businesses benefit from several performance improvements.

Healthy Communication

Rockstar Workforce program participants become self-aware leaders who have healthier interaction with other team members and departments.

Goal Achievement

Participating businesses report higher rates of team goal-setting and individual goal completion in their business.

Trust + Transparency

Our Leadership Mechanics TM curriculum helps establish common language in an organization to drive open sharing and improved decision-making.

Find A Leadership Program Suited To Your Needs

Private Company Programs

Customize a leadership program focused on the specific needs of your business.
  • Collaborate with Rockstar Workforce to prioritize the leadership skills needed to meet your business’s performance goals.
  • Configure a 6- to 12-month series of live workshops that helps your employees evolve their leadership training together.
  • Easily expand your program to include additional levels of staff and emerging leaders in your business.

Public Rockstar Programs

Find out which of our three-track series of live workshops is right for you. You’ll join a cohort of other professionals who are focused on developing their leadership skills for career growth.

  • ROCKSTAR FOUNDATIONS: Cultivate essentials skills for current and aspiring leaders to master interpersonal communication, enhance emotional intelligence, and excel in conflict resolution.
  • ROCKSTAR PERFORMANCE: Empower leaders to reach their full potential by mastering goal-setting, strategic thinking, time management, and creative problem-solving. 
  • ROCKSTAR RESULTS: Unlock the power of people-focused leadership with skills in fostering accountability, building high-performing teams, becoming a better coach and delegating more effectively.

Companies who are effectively putting Leadership Mechanics™ into practice.

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