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Build A Private Program As Unique As Your Company

Your business is unique. Your culture is unique. You need a leadership development program that reflects your vision, your values and the specific priorities you’ve established for your growth. 

Our team has worked with businesses of all types and sizes, and can build a leadership development program exclusive to your company. Work with one of our talent strategists to apply our existing three-track program to your business, or create a completely custom solution. Configuring a program is a simple process, but an important one so that we create a clear path to developing leaders in your company who operate with accountability, responsibility and ownership to preserve the unique nature of the business you’ve built.

Getting Started

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Step 1
Get Acquainted

You’ll meet with a Rockstar Workforce talent strategist who will get to know you and your company. It’s important for us to understand your vision for developing your people and how it plays into the overall strategy of your organization. Based on the discussions, we’ll configure or fully customize a program based on curriculum from our three-track series of workshops including Rockstar Foundations, Rockstar Performance and Rockstar Results. We want to ensure we have clarity around your objective to ensure we’re the right fit for your needs.

Step 2
Collaborate With Your Team

Your strategic leadership development initiative will have an impact on multiple stakeholders in the business, and it’s good to seek feedback from several team members. This collaboration helps to ensure your talent strategist understands the needs and wants of key stakeholders, and helps identify the critical must haves in your program. This step often includes small focus groups, calls with key stakeholders and an organizational survey.

Step 3
Outline Your Program
Once we feel confident that we understand your vision, key objectives, and must-haves, we’ll craft an outline for your program. The outline will include your program’s leadership topics, descriptions and a proposed timeline to execute. We’ll work with you to edit and refine the outline until it meets 100% of your expectations.
Step 4
Program Planning & Rollout
Your talent strategist will work with you to take care of all of the program logistics. We want to ensure the program rolls extremely smoothly without burdening you with logistics like sending out emails, calendar invites or ordering food. We can even host the entire program at one of our venues.
Step 5
Engage and Refine
Your team’s monthly workshops will be augmented with a combination of weekly SMS or email communications to ensure participants are putting their newly formed leadership skills into practice. We also conduct a post workshop survey after every session to ensure participants are getting the most value out of their time spent with us. Based on feedback, we’ll continue to refine and make adjustments if needed.
Step 6
Rockstars in Action
You’ll likely begin seeing actionable change from your leaders within days of their first program. Rockstar leaders typically feel a different energy in the organization once the program gets going and we often hear buzz from other team members asking when they’re going to go through the program!

We Get Leadership Mechanics™ To Stick

The core of our program includes monthly, interactive workshops that foster understanding and include hands-on practice with leadership skills development. But, adult learners forget nearly 70% of what they learn within 24 hours. That is why our curriculum extends beyond the workshops to integrate on-going, weekly messages and reminders to reinforce concepts and create accountability to put it into practice.  All that support can add up big for your business by creating:


Self-aware leaders who have healthier interaction with other team members and departments


Common language that drives collaboration and decision-making, particularly in stressful situations


Accelerated team development and performance efficiency

Leadership Mechanics™ Are Helping These Leaders Thrive

Great content, worthy of practical application. The team is very professional but fun, and goes out of their way to make everybody feel included and important.

Carrie Hamblin

Facings of America / Operations Manager

Dr. Jerry Burns

Burns Dentistry / Owner
I have been to a lot of leadership classes and workshops, and this one stands out by far. The deep and relative content, mixed with the interactive style of the training challenges you to put what you learn into practice immediately.

Carrie Rivera

Burns Dentistry / Chief Operations Officer

Richard Van Gilse

Facings of America / President

Frequently asked questions

How long are your programs?

Our organization-centered programs are tailored to your needs and timeline. Most of our leadership programs range from 6-12 months per cohort of  leaders. If you have multiple groups, or different levels of leadership you want participating in the program, we can run them simultaneously, or stagger them – it’s up to you!

Do we get to choose the topics we want in our program?

We’ll work with you to identify the leadership topics that will best address your key objectives for the program. We can apply our existing three-track series of workshops, or currate a program from curriculum focused on developing leadership skills, which we refer to as Leadership Mechanics™. We also have the ability to create new curriculum if you choose a topic we don’t already have developed.

Are the programs in-person or virtual?

90% of our programs are in-person. Research shows that over 80% of adult learners prefer their entire program to be in-person. With that said, we still offer all of our programs virtually to support teams or team members who are remote or geographically dispersed.

Let’s discuss which program is best for your business.