We Develop Tangible Leadership Skills That Help Individuals Build Businesses, Careers and Communities.

About Rockstar Workforce

Rockstar Workforce is the vision of Adam and Amber Wong who each have backgrounds in leadership development, talent hiring and business operations. They founded the company in 2017, with the goal of sharing their expertise and enabling clients to create alignment and improved business performance through programs that develop leadership skills at all levels of an organization.

Our Rockstar Workforce programs are grounded in behavioral science from TTI Success Insights, a global leader in talent assessments and development programs. Members of our team hold accreditations, including: Certified Behavioral Analysts, Certified EQ Analysts and Certified Stages of Growth Analysts. 

Together, our team of facilitators, talent strategists and leadership curriculum experts create programs that program participants and clients find impactful, engaging and fun. 

Our Team

Get to know some of our rockstars who can’t wait to help develop your rockstar leaders to help take your company to the next level.

Adam Wong

Talent Management Strategist & Co-founder

Amber Wong

Talent Management Strategist & Co-founder

We’ve Got Experience Developing Leaders In Your Industry


We excel in labor-intensive industries like construction, and have helped develop leaders at all levels for general contractors, electrical contractors and more.

Design + Home Services

It’s critical that you create ownership and accountability among your design and home services personnel so that they make effective, self-directed business decisions whether they are out in the field or in the office. 

Dental + Medical Practices

From executives, to physicians, to nurses, hygienists and business support resources, Rockstar Workforce has helped personnel from dental and medical practices get on the same page to boost business performance.

SaaS Companies

We’re experienced in helping develop young, ambitious talent so they can help grow and scale teams through the ebbs and flows of the startup world.

Podcast + Media Production

It takes a tight team of creators, technical resources and business personnel to get, and keep, your podcast or media production company on track. Rockstar Workforce’s programs can help connect the dots.

We’re Raising The Bar On Leadership Alongside Our Partners.

Let’s Find The Best Way To Develop Your Leaders

Rockstar Workforce offers several program options to unlock the leadership potential in your personnel. Whether you want to develop your entire team, or support leadership development of a few key players, we’ll match to a program that’s the right fit.

Private Company Programs

Work with a Rockstar Workforce talent strategist to customize a program that prioritizes the leadership skills that will make the biggest impact on your business.

Public Rockstar Programs

Our Public Rockstar Programs let you and select team members learn and develop leadership skills within a cohort of other local business professionals.