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At Rockstar Workforce, our Leadership Mechanics™ curriculum is expertly designed to prioritize action over rhetoric. Rooted in behavioral science and proven success, our curriculum ensures that participants not only learn essential leadership skills but also apply them effectively in real-world situations.

Each module is crafted to deliver actionable insights, guiding participants to take immediate and impactful steps in their professional roles. By starting with behavioral assessments and focusing on the evolution of individual traits, our curriculum strengthens existing skills and bridges gaps. This approach guarantees a consistent and practical skill set across your team, resulting in measurable improvements in business performance.

Our graduates emerge as self-aware leaders who drive meaningful interactions, set and achieve goals, and foster open communication within their organizations. With Rockstar Workforce, learning is synonymous with doing, ensuring that every lesson translates into real-world leadership excellence.

Rockstar Workforce Curriculum

Rockstar Workforce offers a comprehensive 3-track leadership development program, crafted to nurture and enhance the skills of leaders at every career stage, from emerging to senior positions. Each program’s curriculum has been carefully selected and expertly designed.

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Foundations Program

Our first program, FOUNDATIONS, was created with everyone in mind. Whether you’re an experienced manager or just starting your career, you need a foundation of leadership. This program is designed to master interpersonal communication, enhance emotional intelligence, and excel in conflict resolution.

Rockstar Foundations consists of the following four sessions. Click links below to view curriculum details.

Personal Leadership Profile

Dynamic Communication

Developing & Applying Emotional Intelligence

Managing Conflict

Performance Program

Our second program, PERFORMANCE, is designed to unleash your Rockstar abilities and maximize your performance. These sessions will challenge you to be your best and operate at your peak.

Rockstar Performance consists of the following 5 sessions. Click links below to view curriculum details.

Developing Strategic Thinking Skills

Setting & Achieving Goals

Managing Workplace Stress

Maximize Your Time & Increase Productivity

Unlocking Creativity for Effective Problem Solving

Results Program

Our third program, RESULTS, was created for people that are managing a team or several teams. Empower your people to reach their full potential by mastering goal-setting, strategic thinking, time management, and creative problem solving.

Rockstar Results consists of the following 5 sessions. Click links below to view curriculum details.

Creating a Culture of Accountability

Analyzing & Developing Performance Gaps

Delegating with Confidence

Realtime Coaching

Building a High Performing Team

Let’s Find The Best Way To Develop Your Leaders

Rockstar Workforce offers several program options to unlock the leadership potential in your personnel. Whether you want to develop your entire team, or support leadership development of a few key players, we’ll match to a program that’s the right fit.

Private Company Programs

Work with a Rockstar Workforce talent strategist to customize a program that prioritizes the leadership skills that will make the biggest impact on your business.

Public Rockstar Programs

Our Public Rockstar Programs let you and select team members learn and develop leadership skills within a cohort of other local business professionals.

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