Pre-hire Vetting

Imagine Feeling Confident In Your Next Hiring Decision

The hiring process can be an emotional rollercoaster for company owners and hiring managers. On one hand, it can mean your business is growing. On the other hand, it is time consuming and costly. The process itself leads to lost productivity due to the unfilled roles, and the time you and your team take to fill them. 

While it’s easy to point out what’s challenging about hiring, Rockstar Workforce looks at the brighter side, and the bigger opportunity of adding right fit, high-potential employees to your team. Our team of talent management strategists will help you craft a more effective hiring process that can shorten hiring cycles, result in improved company culture and help you better scale your human capital in better alignment to your business growth. 

Your Step-by-Step Guide To Better Hiring

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  • Step 2
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  • Step 5
Step 1
Review Your Hiring Process

Let’s take a look at your current hiring process to reveal what’s working and where there might be opportunities for improvement.

Step 2
Role Clarification and Benchmark

Using a patented process, we’ll work with your team to create role clarity even with the most challenging positions. We’ll work with internal subject matter experts to create a benchmark for a rockstar performer


      Step 3
      Job Ad Creation & Interview Questions

      We’ll craft a compelling job ad to attract rockstars to apply to your job openings and create role-specific questions to use during the hiring process.

      Step 4
      Science-Based Pre-Hire Candidate Assessments

      All top-candidates will undergo a pre-hire assessment which will reveal their strengths, alignment with the benchmark, and anticipated blind spots they would bring to the role.

      Step 5
      Certified Candidate Assessment Review

      One of our certified talent management strategists will review each top candidate assessment with you to ensure you are informed and confident before making a job offer to a candidate.

      Flexible Options To Achieve Improved Hiring Results.

      We’ve got experience hiring roles across several different types of businesses and industries. While every company is different, we’ve identified specific standards and techniques that we can apply to the unique needs of your organization. We can get your hiring process on track in a few different ways:

      1. Work with a Rockstar Workforce talent management strategist to apply tools and a hiring framework to eliminate bad hires and efficiently grow your workforce.
      2. Save even more time by letting our team write your job ad to recruit candidates and use role benchmarks, assessment and interview guides to identify the top candidates for the job.
      3. Our team will train you with the knowledge and skills to review and interpret assessments so you can quickly see the best candidates.

      Build A Rockstar Workforce Like These Leaders

      By applying the Rockstar Workforce approach, my team has been able to fill roles more quickly, and with better candidates. I’m excited by the candidates coming aboard to help us grow.

      Rockstar Workforce made it easy to trust the process, and trust their team to better align hiring to the needs of my business. I’m much more confident that the candidates that come in will get the job done.

      With the Rockstar Workforce role benchmark and interview guide, I was able to better focus the interview and come away with a clear impression of the candidate’s ability to fill the role.

      Frequently asked questions

      How long does the benchmark & role clarification process take?

      The first time we facilitate the process with your organization, it will probably take about 2-4 hours depending on the role. Once your team learns the process and we learn more about your company and culture, that time will be reduced to about 2 hours per benchmark.

      Who is included in a benchmark? How many people?

      People who interact with and understand the role very well. This could be a top performer in the role, a manager, etc. 3-5 subject matter experts is typically what we strive for.

      Can we learn to do this process by ourselves?

      Absolutely, we can even certify internal employees in the assessment tools we use!

      Can we use assessments without doing a benchmark?

      Yes, but the interpretation of the assessment is more clear & beneficial when accompanied with the role clarification & benchmark.

      Do you recruit or present candidates?

      Generally speaking we do not actively recruit candidates for our clients, although we have recruited in the past for very high-level, intricate roles.

      Talk to a talent management strategist to identify opportunities to improve your hiring process.