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Instilling Leadership Qualities At All Levels Of An Organization

Often, when people think of leadership development programs, they think of executive- and director-level managers in their organization. Rockstar Workforce client, Facings Of America, recognizes the importance of developing leadership skills throughout their organization. Not only does it create strong performance company-wide, it also helps create a path for emerging and future managers in the organization.Show less

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Leadership For Both Business And Personal Performance

Rockstar Workforce client, Carrie Rivera, acknowledges that developing leadership skills includes a relational component. You can’t learn that from simply reading or hearing what to do, you need to put it into practice. Rockstar Workforce programs are collaborative and interactive...

Creating Positive Accountability In The Workplace

Accountability is one of the most essential Leadership Mechanics participants develop through the Rockstar Workforce curriculum. CEO Richard van Gilse shares his observations about how Rockstar Workforce’s programs helps create individual and group accountability in a fun, engaging and easy-to-understand...

Develop Leadership Alignment Using DISC

Burns Dentistry found the Rockstar Workforce leadership development curriculum to be so impactful, they expanded the program to include everyone at the company. Helping participants understand their unique DISC profile, has enabled everyone in the company to get on the...