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We’ve Made Online Leadership Development A Little More Hands-on.

Our programs don’t set out to inspire leadership, we want to create leaders. Rockstar Workforce workshops are highly regarded for the tangible leadership skills in participants. In our online leadership academy, participants have the same outcomes as those in our live workshops. Rockstar Academy Online offers an integrated learning experience that includes hands-on techniques to keep you motivated, engaged and on the road to mastering new Leadership Mechanics™. 

The result is a flexible learning journey that still maintains several elements of our live, in-person curriculum: 

  • Self-paced learning within a scheduled timeframe to support accountability to achieve your learning goals. 
  • Periodic, live instructor office hours and Q&A sessions.
  • Welcome kit mailed upon enrollment with printed resources and activities to reinforce learning. 
  • Learn at the same time as other online participants, creating a digital cohort and support network for your leadership development.

Take Control Of Your Leadership Development

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Step 1
Sign Up
Request information and connect with our team to learn about current courses. Courses have limited space and are accessible during a specified timeframe, so be sure to check dates and block them out on your calendar. 
Step 2
Select Your Course
Enroll and pay for your online course. Rockstar Academy Online is currently offering Rockstar Workforce’s most popular workshop, Developing & Applying Emotional Intelligence. More topics will be added soon so you can continue developing and expanding your leadership skills.

Step 3
Watch For Program Details

Once enrolled, we’ll mail you an enrollment kit containing your course workbook, along with other support resources for your curriculum. We’ll also send email and SMS communications to ensure that you’re set up to receive communications with content to reinforce what you’re learning in your course.

Step 4
Get Started

When access to your course is open, log in to begin the self-paced portions of the curriculum. Be sure to block off time for focused learning so that you are fully present when viewing course videos and completing course activities. 

Step 5
Stay Engaged

You’ll receive reminders and notifications to reinforce key concepts from the curriculum. Our talent development strategists work to keep content top-of-mind for you weekly to support your individual leadership progression.

Get Real-world Skills Through Our Unique eLearning Approach

The most effective learning happens through repetition and practice. We support development of tangible, observable leadership skills and behaviors with a unique approach to online learning that goes beyond videos and quizzes. We extend learning through touch points, such as:

Intentional program design to balance eLearning with live activities and practicum
Curriculum connected to real-life learning scenarios
Accountability touch points with facilitators and cohort members
Extended reinforcement of learning through SMS, push notifications and email reminders

Online Learning That Boosts Your Performance And Career. 

I really appreciated the mix of online and physical curriculum. The kit I received in the mail was a constant reminder to make time to complete the course. 

My employer offers some opportunities for on-the-job training, but there are no programs that help develop skills like leadership that I feel I need to advance in my career. This online program offers that and provides really clear ways to apply what I learned. 

I’ve purchased online courses before that I never finished. The online learning from Rockstar Workforce includes live sessions where I was able to gain a different perspective on the subject matter. Even better, I got to meet other people in my virtual cohort who were also completing the course at the same time. 

Frequently asked questions

How is the online academy different from the live workshops?

The most simple answer is that our in-person workshops occur at a designated physical location. Rockstar Academy Online takes place virtually. Our talent strategists and curriculum designers have gone to great lengths to create an online learning model that emmulates the value of in-person learning. Physical course materials get mailed to participants, and while much of the curriculum is self-paced, there are live, virtual touch points when you’ll get to interact with instructors and other members of your cohort.

Is there a certification achieved for the course?

You will receive a certificate of completion for any courses you complete through Rockstar Academy Online. While we encourage participants to shair their achievement by adding the certification to their LinkedIn profile, the biggest value you will receive is in the tangible skills you develop through the course.

Why is the course only available during specific time periods?

There are a few reasons Rockstar Academy Online courses are offered during set time periods. Most importantly, we have seen that having a clear start and end date creates the most accountability and engagement for online learners. Additionally, because many of our courses include one or more live virtual sessions for deeper discussion and Q&A, it’s important to be able to fully participate and gain the most value out of your course.

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