Rockstar Academy Workshops

Cohort-style Leadership Acceleration Program.

Developing tomorrow’s leaders is as important as evolving the leadership skills for individuals currently in traditional leadership and managerial roles. Rockstar Workforce Academy workshops offer a live learning environment that leverages our unique curriculum to build foundational interpersonal and productivity skills. This focused, three-track curriculum series helps accelerate overall performance in your personal and professional life. Plus, you’ll be part of a cohort of cross-functional individuals from different organizations so that you can evolve your Leadership Mechanics™ through the valuable perspective outside of your current role and organization.

Take The Next Step In Your Leadership Journey

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Step 1
Register For An Upcoming Cohort

Space is limited so reserve your seat by letting us know you’re interested in joining an upcoming Rockstar Workforce Academy workshop.

Step 2
Save The Dates

Save the dates on your calendar to plan these professional development workshops into your schedule and prevent other meetings from being scheduled at the same time.

Step 3
Watch For Program Details

Watch for an email from Rockstar Workforce with additional program details for your cohort. The information will include pre-work you’ll need to complete before your first session. Don’t worry, there’s only about an hour of pre-work, but it will help you prepare and help ensure we can optimize the experience for you.

Step 4
Attend Your First Session

This is when the real fun begins! You’ll attend your first session and be on your way to developing your Leadership Mechanics™ and becoming a Rockstar!

Step 5
Stay Engaged

Our talent development strategists will maintain ongoing contact with you through a regular cadence of communication between workshop sessions to ensure you’re putting your learning into practice. You’ll receive weekly text message reminders about key concepts you can be implementing, and have the opportunity to engage with other members in your leadership group!

Grow Your Career By Developing Leadership Mechanics

Each session educates on a different set of foundational skills through interactive, hands-on learning experiences designed to generate participant self-awareness. Within each session of our three-track series, attendees partner with workshop facilitators and cohort colleagues in a guided process to formulate an individualized development and accountability plan for in-demand skills, including:


Self-awareness of your own strengths and gaps


Emotional Intelligence


Setting and Achieving Goals


Dynamic Communication

Leadership Mechanics Set You Up For Career Growth

My confidence as a manager has increased and my comfort with conflict has also changed.

Dr. Jerry Burns

Burns Dentistry / Owner

Carrie Rivera

Burns Dentistry / Chief Operations Officer

The program made me more aware of how I interact with my team and how I handle situations.

Frequently asked questions

Who should attend Rockstar Academy Workshops?

Rockstar Workforce Academy workshops are designed for any person at any state of their career. In particular, these workshops are great for emerging leaders or high-potential employees you want to see advance in an organization. The program is focused on further developing self awareness as an individual, team player, and leader. We also offer alternative workshops in our Leading for Performance series which are focused on either new supervisors and managers or senior leaders.

What industry is the program designed for?

This program is not industry specific. One of the benefits of the cohort-style is learning from individuals in different roles at other companies. Not only does the experience help reinforce methods of working with different DISC behavioral types, it also allows you to learn how leadership skills are being applied in different types of organizations. Ultimately, the Leadership Mechanics™ learned in the program can translate into any industry.

Contact us to get more details about joining an upcoming series of Rockstar Academy Workshops