AZGA Leading For Performance Program

Develop Confident, Highly Effective Leaders For Your Business

The Leading for Performance (LFP) series, offered in partnership with Arizona Growth Advisors (AZGA), is a long-term organizational development program that equips leaders with essential skills, methods and models to effectively lead themselves and others to superior performance. The skills acquired in this program enable leaders to become rockstars in their role and practice effective communication, conflict management, team effectiveness, employee development, and more, to directly impact their work and the work of others.

The LFP series has two levels to accommodate different levels of leaders within your organization.

  • Level one is designed for supervisors to mid-level managers who strive to excel as a leader.
  • Level two is designed for mid-level managers to senior leaders and those who’ve successfully completed level one.

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Find The Right Leadership Development Program Fit

  • Step 1
  • Step 2
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  • Step 5
  • Step 6
Step 1
Select Your Track

Choose from a program track focused on executive and senior leaders, or enroll manager and supervisor level staff in a program suited to their needs. You can also run teams through both tracks to help foster alignment and improved communication at all levels of your organization.  

View program details, dates and pricing. 

Step 2

Space is limited so reserve your seat by letting us know you’re interested in joining an upcoming Leading For Performance cohort.

Step 3
Save The Dates

Save the dates on your calendar to plan these professional development workshops into your schedule and prevent other meetings from being scheduled at the same time.

Step 4
Watch For Program Details

Upon enrollment you’ll start to get information from AZGA and Rockstar Workforce with more details about the your program. There will be pre-work required. While the time required to complete the pre-work is minimal, it will be very helpful in getting you oriented to the subject matter and allow you to get the most from the program starting with the very first session.

Step 5
Start Your LFP Workshops

This is when the real fun begins! You’ll attend your first session and be on your way to developing your Leadership Mechanics™ in areas such as emotional intelligence, dynamic communication, effective delegation and more.

Step 6
Stay Engaged

You’ll receive weekly text message reminders to reinforce key concepts from the curriculum. Our talent development strategists work to keep content top of mind for you weekly to support your individual leadership progression.

We Get Leadership Mechanics™ To Stick

The success of our programs are based on mutual accountability created between participants and our Rockstar Workforce program facilitators. Participants are expected to do their absolute best to attend all of the group sessions, and to participate in team action learning. Our facilitators will strive to create the best possible environment for learning, while placing a high degree of focus on revealing and maximizing leadership potential through real-world skills, such as:

Developing strategic thinking skills
Real time coaching
Delegating with confidence
Setting and achieving goals
And more!

The Impact Of Our Leading For Performance Program

The biggest impact is having a better understanding and awareness of how different people are impacted by different styles of management and communication.

I’m now comfortable having difficult discussions on performance without them turning into a one-way conversation.

The Rockstar Workforce team is very professional but fun, and goes out of their way to make everybody feel included and important.

The deep and relative content, mixed with the interactive style of the training challenges you to put what you learn into practice immediately.

Frequently asked questions

Which Leading For Performance program should I attend?

The LFP programs are offered at two levels. The first level focuses on developing skills among new supervisors and managers. Level two is focused on Leadership Mechanics™ specific to senior leaders in an organization.  Our Leading for Performance program is offered in two levels. Each level lasts 10 months. 

Additionally, if you’re interested in developing emerging leaders in your organization, we also offer Rockstar Academy workshops as an option.

What industries are the programs designed for?

Our programs are not industry specific and the AZGA LFP cohorts consist of organizations from across industries. Benefits to this type of learning environment includes: 

    • Live practice and application of new communication and collaboration skills
    • Insights from other leaders about what they find to work in their organization 
    • Expanded group of individuals through whom you can expand your professional network.

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