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Strategic People Solutions

Rockstar Workforce partners with clients to identify and develop top talent and build a workforce of rockstars. We’re the support system that helps your team become a unified group of high performers.

Candidate Profiling and Selection

Eliminate bad hires and start selecting Rockstars for your business. Our market leading profiling tools and patented job profiling system will pinpoint your best candidates.

Emerging Leadership Development

Business is shifting and new managers need help growing into high performing leaders. Our flexible development program uses modern learning approaches to maximize the leadership potential of each individual.

Dynamic Communication

Poor communication is one of the most common complaints among all levels in an organization. Our dynamic communication workshop helps employees conquer this elusive challenge.

Maximize Your Emotional Intelligence

Research shows that 90% of successful, high performing leaders have well developed emotional intelligence (EQ).

Available in group workshops or one-on-coaching. Our programs assess each person’s current level of EQ, then together, we create a plan to further the development of the most sought-after leadership skill – EQ.

RealTime Coaching is a simple, practical approach for people who rely on others to create results.

This program equips you and other leaders with the process and tools to maximize the strengths of the team through coaching.

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