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We work as your strategic partner to maximize the growth of your business through your people.

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We’re driven by maximizing our time, skills and resources to deliver a great return on investment (ROI) for our clients.

all in or not at all

This mindset applies to virtually everything we do. If it’s worth doing, then we give it 100% effort or we back out completely.

growth fanatics

We’re constantly seeking ways to improve and grow. Simply put, we strive to grow as individuals, grow our clients and grow our business.

Hi, we’re Adam and Amber Wong, the founders of Rockstar Workforce.

Together we strive to help our clients grow their businesses by maximizing the talents of their people and unleashing their inner Rockstars.


What We Do Best

leadership development

We strive to maximize the potential of your current leaders and let their inner Rockstar come to life,

selection & hiring

We’re on a mission to eliminate bad hires and will help you choose the best candidates for your business.


Our science based tools will help you create high performing teams, identify top performers & hire Rockstars.

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