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Personalized Goal Achievement Track

Set yourself and your team apart from the pack by turbocharging your ability to set and achieve short and long term goals and lead others to do the same.  Use the Rockstar Workforce Goal Achievement Track to accelerate your progress through an easy-to-follow process designed to help you form meaningful goals and design built-in guardrails to fail-proof your goal achievement journey.

The Goal Achievement Track is a practical visual tool that that helps you side-step common pitfalls and map your goals from start to finish line with six simple steps:  

  • Connect the dots between psychology and goal setting to set meaningful goals
  • Consider pre-planning actions and including them in your overall goal setting strategy
  • Develop clear metrics and sett achievable deadlines
  • Overcome motivation dips by determining specific daily, weekly or monthly habits 
  • Set mini-goal posts and micro-wins to maintain focus and
  • Ensure you mark your achievement with an appropriate reward for your eventual win

Download this goal setting resource for three possible uses:

  1. Plan for personal success to set yourself apart as an effective leader
  2. Provide a copy to your direct reports and review their plans in your next one-on-one 
  3. Collaborate on a team Achievement Track to unify your department with a comprehensive plan

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